Remembering two incredible women

Over the past few days I ran across newspaper items I wrote in 2009 about the deaths of two significant woman but only available on pdfs. One I never met but who was a legend in her field — basketball coach and advocate for cancer research. The other was someone very close to me who was also a pioneer in politics and public service.

This is an editorial I wrote for the Burlington Times-News upon the death of Kay Yow, longtime women’s basketball coach at first Elon College in 1970 and N.C. State in 1975. She left an indelible mark at both before passing away after a long and memorable fight with cancer on Jan. 24, 2009. If you select the highlighted text it takes you to a link to a pdf of the editorial.

Yow edit

And the second significant woman was my grandmother, Nancy Lee Taylor Rodenbough. She passed away at age 94 a few days later on Jan. 31, 2009.  This link goes to a column I wrote about her that also appeared in the Times-News. Also note that the link found on this one has a photo of me which appears to have been taken when I was around 30 years old. It proves photos aren’t always accurate.

grandma column



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