Entering the terrible twos

Today is the first anniversary of the activation of this wordpress site, Madison’s Avenue, where I occasionally post things I write or stuff I’ve written over the years. I wasn’t sure how this venture might go. Predictably, it has veered in different directions. There is no real focus. I’m not sure what my expectations were when it launched but my plan was to stick it out a year and see if there was any reason to continue it.

The results — also predictably — have been mixed. The most popular post has garnered 9,145 page views so far. The runner-up checks in with 1,823. The least popular post achieved 15 page views –– which will teach me to write about beer. So there are hits and misses. Most of the time I felt there were more misses.

But when I look at the numbers after a year it’s not all that discouraging. In March of 2017 the site had 10,498 page views and 9,329 visitors. The next highest month was September with 4,326 views and 1,762 visitors. In only one month did the site get fewer than 1,000 views and that was in January of 2017, the first month. When I looked at the first year numbers, the page views come in at around 33,039 and 24,364 visitors.

That, I guess, is reason enough to plug on. So thanks to all of you who take the time to read it. I appreciate your diligence, especially to the 17 folks who managed to read that post about beer.

So happy birthday to whatever this is and cheers to Year No. 2


5 thoughts on “Entering the terrible twos

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