2 thoughts on “Danbury Christmas 1

  1. The Methodist parsonage is gone. Another of the buildings that made up the fabric of the town I remember. It joins a list of others: The Taylor Hotel (or apartments); The livery stable (or the Hollis Roades Service Stations) now replaced by a block structure in the fifties; The Shell Service station at the foot of town (now the general store in a larger format); The Sisk Home (replaced by a modern structure housing the EMT service; The Hardware building ( incorporated in the Fire Department complex; The Taylor home ( now just a lot); The Joyce home ( replaced by the existing Danbury Post Office); The old wooden Printing office ( replaced by a block structure); The Humphries home (lost to fire in the sixties) The old Pepper store along with the printing press embedded in a tree ( torn down in the fifties); The two story tavern building ( now has a phone switch building there, although the stump of the Catalpha tree or wooly worm tree is still there; The courthouse monuments lost to a 1941 scrap drive ( there were two; a WWI soldier on a pedestal and a Civil War cannon with a pyramid of cannon balls); The Estes house ( torn down in the fifties and replaced with a modern brick home by Judge Van Noppen); The Sisk store ( torn down and replaced by Marshall Law office); The Joyce Grill ( built in 1946 by the Stevens family and torn down about 2005); The Moorefield Doctor’s Office ( located across from the old hotel and torn down in the sixties); Two of the three buildings that made up Leake’s store and several small homes across the street from the Leake’s home (now the DeHart Law office.


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