A former editor photo bomb


That’s the first thing I thought Wednesday morning when I got a first look at the Burlington Times-News print edition. There I was, the former executive editor on the front page and I wasn’t in jail or anything.

I wound up in a secondary photo on page A1 from the newspaper’s coverage of the Community Connections forum at Elon University. The main photo with the story from the forum — a partnership between the Times-News and Elon in which an issue is selected for discussion for a panel of experts — was of the panel and moderator. so far, so good.

The secondary image was someone from the audience standing to pose a question.

Guess who was in the background live Tweeting from the forum?


That’s not supposed to happen, even though I’m a a civilian from the journalism profession these days and probably fair game. I was there because I’m an interested citizen and I still help Elon produce the forums until a new editor is hired at the Times-News, something I’m told will be announced pretty soon. My one-time colleague and continuing longtime friend Michael Abernethy took the photo. Michael’s the digital editor filling in as a photographer and I’m sure it was one of the better images he had to have turned it in for publication.

So no, it wasn’t planned and yes, I was surprised. I hadn’t figured on being back in the paper so soon — unless, of course, I get arrested.

By the way, I was Tweeting from the forum and usually do. Follow me on twitter @tnmadisontaylor



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